Ways To Spice Up Your Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are one of the toughest kinds of relationships, and one of those who everyone wants to experience.

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Yes, it’s a long distance relationship that some people, once in a lifetime, always want. Long distance is something that melts people. It is difficult to maintain one and that’s a very mainstream statement to make. It is the best way to realize the importance of the other person. It shows us the true value of a relationship and the worthiness of the other. It is a test for all those who are strong enough to handle one. And so, here are a few tips and ways by which one can spice up their long distance.

1. Share Everything

Man and Woman Sharing Love
Man and Woman Sharing Love

This is the most important part of the relationship. Being able to tell the other person how you felt throughout the day might sound a little cliche, but it is the best you could do. But yes, don’t force them into knowing EACH AND EVERYTHING.

A: ‘Hey I made a cheese sandwich today.’
B: ‘I’ll alert the media.’

Like seriously, no. Nobody wants to have an absolutely unnecessary conversation like that. Other than what happened above, you should be able to tell each other everything else.

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2. Find Similarities

Lovers Taking Photos at The Park
Lovers Taking Photos at The Park

You might find this too mushy, but no. It actually helps. Do a random 1-10 rating rapid-fire round and find out what he/she likes most about what you like too. They might end up liking what you love too. But no, don’t expect your boyfriend to rate clothes and accessories. If you want to, give him the option of going negative on numbers.


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3. Give Space

Lovers Holding Hands
Lovers Holding Hands

THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. Let the other person breathe. If they want to go out, let them. If they don’t want to text you for some time, let that be it. Don’t make a fuss out of small issues. Sometimes, even if it’s the hard truth, the fact is that we need ourselves more than we need our better halves. Sometimes your importance defines your relationship. What you need is probably more important that what the relationship needs at the moment. One of the biggest problems that come up is boyfriends (even girlfriends sometimes) telling their better halves to not dress up the way they do. IT’S A BIG NO NO TO THAT. Dress up the way you want to. Dress up for yourself. Make sure what you do makes you happy because that’s how you’ll be able to keep the long distance relationship working. And stay away from people who tell you what to do.


4. Take Decisions Together

couple sharing bible message together
Couple sharing bible message together

Everyone in a serious long distance relationship would understand this. With the growth of the relationship, people start understanding that they have some responsibility and duty towards their partners. And so, taking decisions becomes very important. Talk about things. Talk about life long goals and make sure that you help each other decide what you want. This helps one develop their relationship in their own way.

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5. Trust Each Other

Couple trusting each other
Couple trusting each other

This is too mainstream but true. Be there for each other when you need each other the most. Everyone makes a mistake for which you stop trusting them. But if you’re looking for ways to make your relationship stronger, then make sure you also see how much effort your partner is making in order to gain your trust back. Please don’t make them feel like they committed a crime. It’s really very immature to get in between all those mistakes from the past in your present fights. Stop that.

Source:  Anup Kumar Roy

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