“Replacing Superstition With Reason” – Okyeame Kwame Writes

Ghanaian musician, songwriter, creative director, and entrepreneur, Okyeame Kwame has expressed serious worry over how a lot of Africans especially Ghanaians have allowed Superstition to overshadow our sense of reasoning. The rapper took to his Facebook page to write this piece captioned – Sunday Reflection: Replacing Superstition with Reason. Read his post below:

Every raining season, Accra floods and causes damage to human lives and property. We pray and pour libations to prevent the rains. When God listens to our prayers, the farmers suffer but when God hears the farmers our city floods.

Okyeame Kwame
Okyeame Kwame

We blame the flooding on taboos and sacrifice a thousand sheep whiles graduates from planning and engineering universities join the graduate unemployment programs.

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When it comes to our currency, our most powerful religious leaders get together to pray against the dollar from rising or for the cedi to rise too so we can defend our economy against inflation. In the meantime, most factories are closed and we import everything including toothpicks and matches. During droughts, we send spiritual leaders to pray for the Volta River after we have given concessions to businessmen to cut the trees along river banks.

Superstition competes with reason when it comes to us Ghanaians.

Look at the video below. Is the woman saying if we do not pray for Ghana something untoward will happen? With our tendency to swallow everything that feeds our superstitious desires, many of our people will give such prophecies credence.

I am sure this is not the last of these doomsday prophecies that get recycled ahead of every election. These are the same prophets who missed COVID-19 like the way Asamoah Gyan missed the penalty against Uruguay. These are the same prophets who see only misfortune and have never prophesied any invention that has solved global problems. If it is death or natural disaster that this woman in the video is foretelling about, we have little control over it for now. If it is election violence, we can prevent that by the Electoral Commission, Political Parties, and stakeholders being honest and responsible before, during, and after the elections.

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Our forefathers told us the sea killed people when God was angry. Today, we know that a hurricane is a consequence of hot and cold air updraft on the sea. Today, we know a heart attack is not a spiritual event but rather a cardiovascular malfunction which is usually preventable in young people.

God empowered Africans with as much creativity as God did every people in the world. The African gradually traded his creativity and ingenuity for superstition. Africans have made it a habit of waiting for the European to come and fix our problems. When is a teenager from Congo going to make that smarter phone and change the IT industry?

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Prayers for Ghana can be helpful but prayers alone will not solve our problems. Prayers can make us feel good and feel like we can get special treatment from God but prayers will not stop the lies and corruption that most Ghanaians practice with impunity. If the person praying to avert the prophesied doom is the same person spending five days a week doing under-the-table desks and stealing from government coffers, what good is their prayer going to do?

Superstition has become the bane of our existence. We prefer to believe than to think. When we think, we will be compelled to change our behaviours. When we think, we will not need a prophet to tell us that flooding will happen because we have built houses in the path of the flood and have dumped trash in most of our gutters. When we think, we will not need a screaming warmonger to tell us that there could be violence when we make our politics into a competition where we hand the country over to the one who spends the most money and effectively demonizes their opponent.
How long are we going to let superstition continue to rule over reason in Ghana? If we continue down this path, what will our grandchildren be proud of us for? Will they build upon our superstitions or our creativity?

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1. What good does superstition do for Ghanaians?
2. What practical steps can we take to shift our collective focus away from superstition to reasoning?


Written by: Okyeame Kwame
Published by: Mp3xclusives.com


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