Difference Between Collaboration and Featuring in Music Industry

The Music Industry is full of terminologies and two of the numerous terms that are mostly used interchangeably are Collaboration and Featuring. As a lover of music and fan of some musical superstars both home and abroad, I think it will be prudent to write this article to clarify the misconceptions about the usage of Collaboration and Featuring as used as musicians and fans. So in this article, we are going to study the difference between Collaboration and Featuring.

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What is Collaboration?

Music Collaboration is when two musicians come together to work on a project. In this way, the result or product is always better than individually produced music. Collaboration in the music industry is something that is done by Songwriters and Producers as well.

The word “With” and “And” are usually used to describe the artists working together. Example, Usher and Nas, Sarkodie Teams up With Shatta Wale, etc.

In collaboration, each party plays an equal role in making the song or album a success. Let’s consider an instance where one of you may be good at creating good beats but not lyrically good. Whereas, the one you are collaborating with is a lyricist but not good at catching up with the beat. This combination is just perfect for dropping the next big hit!

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Shatta Wale Collaborates With Sarkodie
Shatta Wale Collaborates With Sarkodie


Why Do Musicians Collaborate?

There are numerous benefits and opportunities when it comes to music collaboration that musicians can use to their advantage. Here are some of them

  • By collaborating with other artists, you are able to create something new and original with different skills and ideas you acquire.
  • Working with other artists gives you more exposure, experience, and connections.
  • To reach a wider audience since the promotion of the song or project will be coming from multiple people
  • Music collaboration can also help artists to grow their fanbase by increasing their followings. Eg. If an upcoming artist like BYD collaborates with Stonebwoy, Stonebwoy will recommend BYD to his fans and they will also start following BYD.
  • Music collaboration is also a great way for musicians who have been away from the musical scene for a while to relaunch their carrier.

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What is Featuring?

In showbiz, Featuring is also referred to as Guest Appearance. Featuring is when another musician is invited to participate in an event such as music record, show, or concert. Featuring means the artist recording the song has asked another artist to be on it.

When there are guest artists on a song, they are usually labeled with “Feat.”. Eg. Sarkodie – Anadwo feat. King Promise (Prod. by Possigee)

If an artist is featured on a song, think of them as a guest speaker invited to deliver a speech at a function. They don’t participate in the writing of the song; they are just asked to contribute a small piece to the song which could be for a variety of reasons.

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Jay Z featuring Rihanna
Jay Z featuring Rihanna – Run This Town


Why Do Musicians Feature Other Artists?

  • Featuring other artists helps to get recognition. Think of this as a mainstream artist giving an upcoming artist chance on his new song. Eg. When Sarkodie gave upcoming artistes like… in the Biribi Ba song
  • For Diversity
  • Featuring helps musicians to compliment each other. Let’s assume a rapper who needs a chorus or hook on his song, definitely, they will need a singer for that part.


We hope we were able to help you better understand the difference between Collaboration and Featuring as used by musicians in show business and music industry.

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