How To Manage Time as An Artist

How to manage time as an artist

To effectively achieve your goals requires efficient time management

How To Manage Time: Time management skills is one of the most powerful, efficient, and effective skills every upcoming and mainstream musician or even an entrepreneur must have. How to manage time as a musician or artist sometimes seem like a daunting task but if handled well, it keeps you well organized. Take a look at the thread below about how to manage time better:

  1. What are the time management skills?
  2. How can I improve time management?
  3. What is time management?
  4. How do I develop time management skills?
  5. How do you manage your time?
  6. What skills do you use to manage time?
  7. What do you know about time management skills? How can they be developed?
  8. What’s the best time management tip you can teach me?
  9. What are the time management skills?
  10. What are the best time managing skills?

These are questions people are searching for an answer for on the web on a daily basis. How to manage time effectively is a skill that needs to be developed. If you are not managing time well, then there is a high risk of reaching your set goals or achieving your target.

Time, they say is no respecter of persons so no matter your age, position, income, or political affiliation, your time is as same as the person next to you. Whether you’re a star artist or upcoming star, how much time you have is not the issue but how effectively you manage time.

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Musicians like entrepreneurs suffer from issues with how to manage time. Whether you are a solo artist on your own or being managed by an artist manager or record label or even a group or band, your daily tasks are sometimes more than the number of hours in a day.

Aside from releasing music that we all see musicians do, their daily lives are burdened with a lot of activities like Rehearsals, Studio recording, Booking, Marketing, Touring, Content creation, Interviews, etc. Aside from these, don’t forget they also have some personal expectations like Family, Love life, Friends, Fans, Exercising, Sleep!

In view of these, we are Mp3xclusives have put together these tips that will help you improve your time management skills:

How to Manage Time

  1. Have A Plan

Planning Your Tasks
Planning Your Tasks


Planning is key in everything we do and very essential when it comes to how to manage time. Whatever you want to embark on as a musician must start with a plan. Planning forms the foundation on which any effective time management strategies and tips can be executed. Whether your goal is a long term like a year, quarter, month or a short term like a week, day or hour, you should have a plan of attack

“If you fail to plan, You plan to Fail”

Lucky Dube of blessed memory in an interview disclosed that his management draws their yearly programme outline right from the beginning of the year. So, dates for releasing songs, touring, recording, radio, and tv interviews among other activities are scheduled and followed. This is an example of an artist who knew how to manage time.

Planning takes into consideration, Who, What, Where, When, and How. With effective planning as a musician, you can always find answers to these questions as they give you a clear direction on how to do things. Your plan must also be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely).

Every good planner has an alternative plan (Plan B) that in the unlikely event the original plan fails, he can confidently fall on.

A good plan on how to manage time should include:

  • Specific Goals and Deadlines for Execution
  • Comprehensive list of tasks and activities scheduled for daily, weekly and monthly
  • Engagement schedules like social media activities with fans (Emails, Facebook posts, Instagram, YouTube videos, Tweets), new music releases, interview dates, shows, etc.


  1. Set Your Priorities Right

Setting your priorities is another good tip on how to manage time. Not all daily activities or tasks carry the same weight therefore the level of importance that must be attached to each of them shouldn’t be the same.

To manage time effectively, write all the things you wish to do down and sort them in order of importance and urgency. This will help you to avoid time on things of less importance. Take a look at the Time Management Quadrant below

Time Management Quadrant
Time Management Quadrant


From the above quadrant, your weekly activities can be sorted into Important and Not Important as well as Urgent and Not Urgent. In this way, your tasks can be well organized and you can know where to start from and which activities are Important and Urgent for you to undertake. This is really effective because you are able to do away with time wasters so you can manage time well.


  1. Delegate Some of The Tasks

Delegation of Office Tasks
Delegation of Tasks


Do It Yourself (DIY) shouldn’t mean Do It All (DIA). Sometimes you try to do everything by yourself and you end up doing nothing. As a musician, you can never be a master in all fields so definitely if you want to know how to manage time effectively, you will have to delegate some of your tasks to other qualified and professionals to handle on your behalf.

If your busy schedules are making you unable to interact with your fans on social media, hire a Publicist. Building a fanbase as a musician comes at a huge cost and you can’t afford to lose your fans because of your busy schedules. You also need a Road Manager to handle your bookings and interviews for you among other tasks. In this way, you become less stressed because your time is well managed.

However, delegating tasks comes with a huge cost because you have to hire professionals and pay them. You can also lose control of your accounts. You need to make sure you are handing over sensitive tasks to people you can trust.


  1. Automate some Tasks

Automate Work
Automate Work


Our last tip on how to manage time better is the need for an automation strategy. You can’t always reinvent the wheel anytime you want to perform a task you have been doing always.

For instance, if you have been sharing your blog post on Facebook and Twitter, you can buy an Auto Post Scheduler software to handle that for you. These activities may seem simple but they really waste time.


In conclusion, time is of the essence and must be managed well so you need to take regular breaks and accomplish important tasks after the break. Do things that refresh you in order to stay healthy.

Try to say NO to additional work of less importance. Always remember you can’t do everything in this world. Take a look at your “To-Do” list before agreeing to go for that radio interview or to play that show

We hope this article has been helpful to you.

Comment below your suggestions, contributions, or constructive critique.

Stay blessed…

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